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Letherbee Strawberry Vernal

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2024’s Vernal Strawberry Cordial is a continuation of Letherbee's new work with fruit and celebrates warm weather’s most anticipated juice-bomb: STRAWBERRIES!

Strawberry juice is carefully blended with a precious little recipe of neutral grain spirit compounded with a proprietary blend of botanicals, neutral French oak, hand-harvested Chicago rooftop honey, and some of our Original Label Gin. The result is a bright, juicy, dry, aromatic enigma of some of earth’s finest blessings.

We encourage you to think of and to use this like a dry aromatized wine.  Drink straight!  Spritz it!  Mix with Tonic! A Cosmo!  A Vesper!  Don’t let us stop you! Go off!

For best results, serve chilled and keep chilled after opening.